We need sensible and compassionate immigration reform that will allow people to work in this country and have a reasonable and affordable path to citizenship. We have to also accommodate refugees impacted by war and violence and do what we can to to bring families together. Our current immigration system lacks compassion and human decency. Instead of building a wall that will damage the Texas economy and ruin bird sanctuaries and pristine parks, as well as cut off endangered animals from water and divide ranches, we should invest in infrastructure to improve drainage and bridge safety and rising sea water.

  • We should stop building private detention centers that profit from locking people (including children) away.
  • We should pass the DREAM Act to ensure that undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children become productive tax paying citizens. This is their home country.
  • We should grant work visas to more people who want to come to the United States for jobs that American workers can’t fill. We should pass and enforce laws that ensure that migrant workers have Worker’s Compensation and other health and safety protections for a safe and healthy workplace.
  • We should reform the immigration laws to legalize millions of immigrants already in our country seeking a fair and affordable path to citizenship. Many of these people are already paying taxes and contributing to our society.
  • We should not penalize Sanctuary cities or engage in racial profiling and harassment.