For me, this boils down to an obligation and a responsibility. We have an obligation to take care of the planet that we live on. We can’t take all the resources and leave a poisoned wasteland for our grandchildren.

  • Safe Food, Water and Air—We have to do more to prevent pollution of our air, water and food. We have to stop using pesticides that result in the death of bees. We can’t continue to use so many antibiotics in our meat and fish production that it creates antibiotic resistant bacteria. Our food subsidy program helps big corporate agriculture companies but does nothing for small family-owned organic farmers. We should make it easier for organic farmers to grow clean food. We should require companies to protect water sources from pollution. I understand that we need oil and gas development and that we have to feed a lot of people, but we have to bring common sense and balance into the discussion before the damage is irreversible. Companies should not be allowed to destroy the planet to increase their bottom lines in exchange for PAC money paid to our legislators.
  • Climate Change—We should be supporting carbon taxes and infrastructure development to improve drainage. We should require that companies use equipment to reduce carbon emissions from industrial facilities. We should invest in renewable power, such as wind and solar. Our oceans are getting warmer. There will be more storms like Maria and Harvey. Droughts and subsequent food and water shortages increase the likelihood of conflict and increased refugee problems.We need to focus our efforts to reduce the temperature of the planet. We need to fund science in this regard.
  • Protection of Endangered Species and their habitat—Did you know that the Trump administration has denied protection to 25 highly imperiled species? See the link below. Congress passed a law that allows the hunting of bears and wolves during hibernation and from helicopters. They lifted a ban on the use of lead bullets for hunting (which protects against poisoned water). Some of these make me wonder how anyone could be so evil. We need to reverse this trend.
  • Protection of Circus, Farm Animals, and Pets—For me, this gets back to the obligation to care of the planet. You protect those who can’t protect themselves. Animals should be protected from extinction, but also from cruelty.
  • Conservation and Preservation of National Parks and Monuments–In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act.  The law gave the president of the United States the authority to create national monuments from federal lands in order to immediately safeguard significant natural, cultural or scientific resources.  This is one of our most important conservation tools.  Sixteen presidents have utilized the act.  We cannot allow this work to be undone.