Like many people reading this, I was completely disgusted and disappointed by the 2016 Presidential election.  I wanted Hillary Clinton to win.  I thought it was time for an experienced, qualified woman to be President. I would’ve been disappointed if a Republican like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush had won, but not disgusted.  How could a man who bragged about sexual assault, who made fun of the disabled, who bullied a Gold Star Family, who lied constantly, who cheated his vendors, who filed for multiple bankruptcies, who was generally a con artist, be our President?  I was shocked and worried about what would happen to the Country.

As the weeks wore on after the Inauguration and the Cabinet picks began, my unease grew.  President Trump wasn’t trying to be inclusive like George W. Bush had been when he lost the popular vote.  He seemed to be creating a staff and a Cabinet to dismantle the government as we know it.  He wasn’t “draining the swamp”, he was filling it with billionaires with no experience or people with a lot of experience in fighting the agencies they would be leading. Experienced law enforcement professionals and scientists and diplomats were sent packing.   He had no respect for the Constitution—as evidenced by his disregard for the press and his criticism of the courts.  

Months passed and more information came out about the campaign’s collusion with Russia and Russia’s interference with our election, and the Republicans in power (including Representative McCaul) continually chose party over country.  Jared Kushner somehow kept his security clearance in spite of lying on his disclosure forms.  As more information came out, I became more enraged.

The President golfed and tweeted and promoted his resorts.  

Legislation passed to allow wolves and bears on Federal land in Alaska to be shot from helicopters and in their dens while they hibernate with their cubs.  (Representative McCaul voted for the Bill.)  Restrictions were lifted to allow coal companies to pollute into streams.   Congress (including Representative McCaul) tried repeatedly to strip health insurance  from millions of people.  As I write this, they are seeking tax reform that primarily benefits the top 1% wealthiest individuals.  Did you know that according to Roll Call in 2015, Representative  McCaull was the second wealthiest member of Congress–worth $109 million? The wall that would ruin the beauty of our southern border, cut through wildlife and bird sanctuaries and block endangered species from water, is still on the table, and still supported by Representative “Build-a-Wall”  McCaul. The wall, if built, will hurt the environment and the Texas economy and it will not stop illegal entry, which, according to the Pew Research Center has been on the decline since 2009, without a wall.  Most recently, there is the Republican support for Roy Moore, a pedophile.   Every single day there is something new to add to the horror.  I could write pages.

I decided that I have a responsibility to do my part to represent the state and country that I love. After about ten people asked me if I would consider running, I decided that yes, I would run for Congress. I struggled with the decision to run.  It is actually a financial sacrifice for my family.  I had a good job, but I knew that I would need to take time off to campaign.  I felt that I had no choice but to enter the fight.

I want the Congressperson for TX-10 to actually serve the citizens of the District.  I want our country to have healthy, prosperous, diverse citizens and I want our Congress to have integrity and heart and kindness.   I want to act as a steward for the earth so that my children and grandchildren will have safe water to drink and air to breathe and bees to pollinate their food.

After graduating from the University of Texas Law School, I worked for 28 years as an attorney or General Counsel in several different industries.  I consider both Houston and Austin home.  I was born and raised in rural Texas.  I know and love the District and I understand the issues facing the country.  If I don’t understand them, I will do the research that is needed for full understanding.  I will work across the aisle to pass legislation, if it will actually help the people in the District.   I am practical and experienced.

I honestly believe that I can do a far better job representing the people of Texas Congressional District 10 than Michael McCaul.  It’s time we send him home and take back TX-10!